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My name is Ashley. I live in Canada.
I am a student, bodybuilder, writer, artist
& photographer. In addition to that, I just so happen to be a
strong believer in the innocence of jahar and his "alleged" role in the Boston Bombing
- He's not the bomber and you don't need to be a "fan girl" or "conspiracy nut" to see that.

Anonymous asked: It's been down right depressing the past week or two with all the media hype and hatefulness by so many people against Dzhokhar, but one good thing is that the FBI has been called out and shown for their lies and deceit. Maybe something good will come of that, and people may be less likely to believe what they say. We already knew all that but now maybe others will also. Maybe the brothers were being used by the FBI, maybe they were made to participate in the bomb drill and were set up. Hope!



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Anonymous asked: I love your site, although sometimes I think you may know more than what you say, but that's ok, maybe there are things that you can't share for good reason. Just ignore others who say negative things about you. You obviously care about Dzhokhar and his family and that's all that matters. Things do seem discouraging for Dzhokhar, especially lately, but anything can happen. Miracles do happen more than people think. Sometimes the truth does prevail in the end. We must stay strong and pray a lot.


Thanks…the past week has seen so many BS articles pop up that its almost comical.

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Charlie Shrem Formally Indicted Following Unsuccessful Plea Bargaining
Three months ago, Charlie Shrem, the former Vice Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and CEO of the now-defunct BitInstant, was arrested in New York on charges of money laundering and acting as an unlicensed money transmitter. The allegations against Shrem were that he laundered over $1 million in bitcoins for users of Silk Road – the illegal online drug marketplace that was shut down by the FBI back in October 2013, and that he wilfully neglected to report unlawful transactions that were conducted through BitInstant by Robert Faiella, a private bitcoin exchanger who operated under the pseudonym “BTCKing”. As a result, Shrem could face over a decade in prison, but many bitcoiners believe that Shrem was unfairly arrested, and CryptoCoinsNews ran a story detailing a complete breakdown of how Charlie Shrem did virtually nothing wrong.
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"Reported by an Official"
“Claimed by an Official”
“Stated by an anonymous Official”
“Claimed by unknown officer”
“Claim stated by unknown agent”
“Stated by unknown witness”

"Todashev was armed with a knife"
“Todashev was armed with a sword”
“Todashev was not armed”
“Todashev was armed with a broomstick”

"Dzhokhar was armed with a gun"
“Dzhokhar was not armed”

shit, my head hurts

^^Amen^^ Lately this is all I’ve been hearing come out of the mainstream media and government officials.

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It takes this foam over 15 minutes to suffocate chickens. It’s an “American invention” by Kifco, a manufacturer of irrigation equipment in Illinois. Note the humans in white suits standing in the windows. This is a “free range” farm, because they are not in individual cages, so the FDA allows the packaging of their dead flesh to be sold as “free range.” Happy chickens, humane farming - all so that one can feel good about their purchase packaging of animals.
More info:

Disgusting human beings..


Is this Tam and Katherine or…

Yah…Karima had used it as her profile pic on Whatsapp and someone screencapped it and has been posting it around.